Tibb’s Eve:  To Invite Bountiful Blessings

It’s Tibb’s Eve- that old/new holiday that has somehow managed to be both old-fashioned and fashionable at once. As I prepare to enter my 43rd year in this world, Tibb’s Eve is a fairly recent phenomenon for me. The much anticipated Christmas season, as I can remember, was firmly bookended by the lighting of the candle on the first Sunday of Advent and old Christmas Day, with the holy days of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tucked snugly and reverently in the middle. The first time I heard of Tibb’s Eve was while listening to the ever current CBC radio herald upcoming concerts and gatherings to celebrate. I do know that this day does have its traditional roots throughout the province yet I could still hear my mother’s voice in the background saying “That’s a new come up!” I do admit, dear readers, that my lack of awareness of Tibb’s Eve may be an oversight, a quiet but determined unwillingness to keep up with the times. There are things that pass me by like bits of creamy, champagne coloured foam floating in off the sea on a stormy day- substantial but momentary. Until recently, I thought that screenshots and snap chat were the same thing so please don’t use my knowledge of trends as a compass for your own exploration! Alas, not feeling wholly connected to this idea of Tibb’s Eve yet knowing that like snap chat and big sunglasses, it’s here to stay, I have decided to chart my own terms of engagement with this day and have happily decided that TIBB will represent To Invite Bountiful Blessings. And there is no better time to do that. We are indeed in the height of Winter now when the long evenings can seem endless. I like to think of these evenings as necessary for our renewal, just as the soil needs quiet time to renew and replenish, so do we. In this miraculous Christmas season, there is so much to be thankful for and thoughtful about - the days of hopeful anticipation as we prepare for Jesus’ birth, the humblest of beginnings, the moments of tenderness and love with family and friends over delicious food (that sadly this year won’t include potted meat) and then thrown in for good measure, the generosity of Santa and the magical Winter Solstice - both bringers of light and love. Patricia Livingston, an acclaimed spiritual writer, reminds us that in a world where suffering is magnified, “There is great power in offering up joy.” And so there is. There is also great power in inviting joy, in asking ourselves what blessings we hope for and then jumping in to do the work to invite these bountiful blessings. Use intention. On this Tibb’s Eve, celebrate the tradition that brings goodness to your life, even if that means inviting bountiful blessings on this cool evening in late December, be they warm toes or good health or a better understanding of snap chat, invite those blessings in. I’ll be here on the red point doing just that. I heard a bird sing In the dark of December A magical thing And sweet to remember We are nearer to Spring Than we were in September I heard a bird sing In the dark of December Oliver Herford Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years to everyone. Thanks for your kind support and for reading my blog this year!

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