The Ice is In

The ice is in. That simple observance, humbly comprised of only four words, four syllables, has become a catch phrase for all of us who are enthralled by the expanse of white that has boldly taken over St. Mary’s Bay in recent days. On Monday at noon, the fog retreated for just a moment to reveal the approaching glacier-like floe. Only hours later, it had moved along the shore to reach us here on the red point and by nightfall, the entire cove was decorated by pans of ice tinged with that alluring blue hue that only frozen water has the power to create.

The timing of the ice is as layered and complex as the ice itself.

It’s both magical and threatening, mysterious and simple, welcome and uninvited. We can’t seem to take our eyes off the bay and at the same time, we are anxious to see that first crab pot bursting at the seams with crustacean life. We sit and wait, some admiring the breadth of a frozen bay while others are eager to be dispatched to sea. I’m reminded of William Yeats line from his poem, Easter, 1916, “A terrible beauty is born.”

The ice has also managed to time it's arrival with another sacred time of year, the renewing days of Easter. Starting on Holy Thursday and ending on Easter Sunday, we are given an opportunity to both reflect and replenish, becoming aware of the the hope that is offered to us through these holy days. I believe that if Jesus himself were here now, he would heartily remind us of the similarities between life and the frozen bay. Just as each pan of ice reinvents and reshapes itself with the help of the warming sun, the changing tides and the unpredictable sea, Easter provides us the opportunity to feel a great sense of hope and renewal. The next thing you know, we’ll be gazing out at the sparkly cove, the wharf will be mad alive and the ice will be a memory, albeit a beautiful one.

On another note dear readers, these posts will be coming to you from the other side of the Atlantic for a few weeks starting next week. I am hoping to keep writing, sharing with you photos (from Chris!) and stories of the people and landscapes of Greece, Germany and Ireland as we make our way along. Hope you'll join us on this journey!

Happy Easter to everyone!

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