Red Point Reprieve

Saturday mornings, for me, represent one simple thing - reprieve. After nine years of bed and breakfast life (468 Saturdays), I created the dreamy habit of retreating to the cliffs that so heavily define the red point. Located only minutes from our front door, the cliffs represent the very core of peace and joy.

Let me paint a picture for you. An overgrown meadow (purposely not mowed since it is truly a meadow, not a lawn!) full of minty green pearly everlasting wild flowers, sunshine yellow posies, a scattered lanky buttercup and tangly grass, sloping gently to the sea below. Bedclothes are almost always flying around on the line, unruly and determined, making their own music in the wind. St. Mary’s Bay stretches out before me, blue and green and flat calm on Summer days and deep indigo when the wind is alive in the Fall. Cow Cove anchors the scene, it's rounded cliffs creating a cove within a cove. Across the way, contentedly, sits an organized jumble of houses. Branch. My eyes are drawn to the Gut, downtown Branch, my first home and the circle of homes circling the graveyard, the heart of our community.

I see all of this and soak it in from a green Adirondack chair, accompanied by a humble glass of port and a few bites of chocolate. There's always a book and of late, pen and paper, as this blog comes to life. This is my little spot in the world and each Saturday as one week ends and another begins, I thank God for it.

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